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We at Canaan truly believe that the foundation of any learner is very important and plays a huge impact in not only the learning area but the child’s character.

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Canaan Academy is a private school, rooted in the Countries friendly province, Eastern Cape. We pride ourselves in not only producing confident, aware and resilient students but also on growing and nurturing each individual while at a formative stage of their development.

Canaan has grown from strength to strength since the year 2000 when its founders envisioned the school as a leading light in independent education in the province. With a dedicated staff as well as teamwork within the student body we strive to balance individual excellence and achievement within the Sport, Cultural and Academic programmes offered. There is a delicate balance to be struck between nurturing each individual student and encouraging leadership and independence.

At Canaan, staff and parents work together to achieve this in the raising and encouraging of our students, each of whom matter, and all of whom are cared for and urged to reach their own potentials.


Canaan Academy is a Private School that follows the belief system of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. It goes from crèche all the way through to grade 12.  It is divided into three campuses, two in Dutywa and the one in East London. Dutywa campus has a primary section which starts from crèche  to grade 7 and then a High school section in Ngcingwane from Grade 8 all the way through to grade 10 however, by 2022 we will be having our first matric class. We have an option of either being in hostel or being a day scholar. East London campus starts from grade 8- 12 and is strictly boarding.

The school is based on the SDA principles and strives to groom the learners with “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” hence the motto “Knowledge is Power.”


Canaan Academy would not be where it is today and we give all thanks to our Almighty Father.

Canaan Academy- Dutywa was founded in 2000 by James and Margaret Kyambadde. Both teachers, who had a love for teaching and wanted to have an impact on the lives of young children. The school was first located at the Dutywa train station with only 27 learners registered at the start.

As years went by we moved to where we are now on Union street, with classes from crèche all the way through to grade 7 which is now the Primary school.  Requests from parents kept coming in for the school to expand till Matric. A campus was then opened up in East London due to lack of space on the Dutywa campus. God was not done with us and as a result after operating for 5 years in East London the school was blessed with land in Ngcingwane, Dutywa and as from the beginning of 2020, Dutywa was split into two: Primary (crèche to grade 7) and High (grade 8 to 10) with the dream of having our first Matric class in 2022.

We at Canaan truly believe that the foundation of any learner is very important and plays a huge impact in not only the learning area but the child’s character.

We are so blessed to be able to provide Education to our learners from crèche through to grade 12 and our prayer is that every child that passes through us leaves us with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve great things in this world.


The high school is broken up into 2 phases. First one being the Senior phase which is grade 8-9 and then when we have the FET phase which is grade 10-12…


Foundation Phase (crèche – grade 3)

Intermediate Phase (grade 4 – 7),

High school (grade 8-12)


We offer our learners a range of activities outside the classroom that seek to broaden their understanding and view of the world, and to encourage skills and talents as part of holistic approach to education…

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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they are passionate about and dare to lead it.