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We at Canaan truly believe that the foundation of any learner is very important and plays a huge impact in not only the learning area but the child’s character.

Foundation Phase (crèche – grade 3)

The foundation phase is the heart of the school. We say this because it is the foundation of a child’s life that sets the pace for the rest of their schooling years. At Canaan, foundation phase is from crèche to grade 3. This is the stage where ethics, manners and fundamental learning techniques are developed. We have a very dedicated and passionate team that have been entrusted to take care, nurture and mould our kids.

Intermediate Phase (grade 4 – 7)

The intermediate Phase is the education phase from Grade 4 to Grade 7. In this phase, more technical and academic skills are the focus. This is where our educators help promote learners’ social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. A variety of subjects are introduced to the learners, ranging from English and Maths, to Learning Needs and Social Sciences.

When you give us your child in the intermediate phase we aim to instill love of learning as well as introduce them to the world outside academics. In this phase children will also be exposed to a variety of cultural activities and sports. Every child deserves the opportunity to grow and to flourish, to demonstrate talents and to be acknowledged for who they are. At Canaan Academy we are very proud of each of our students as we believe that they are all talented and special as a result, we work day in and day out to ensure that we give off our best both in and out of the classroom.

High school (grade 8-12)

The high school is broken up into 2 phases. First one being the Senior phase which is grade 8-9 and then when we have the FET phase which is grade 10-12. Under the senior phase learners are taught a variety of subjects which when they join the FET phase they can then choose the subjects best suited for their career choice once they have Matriculated. At Canaan we provide guidance to those who need when it comes to choosing their subjects in Grade 10. With English, Mathematics(pure/literacy), Home Language and Life Orientation being the core subjects we as a school do what we can in assisting our learners in making a fitted choice for themselves. Our team is committed to seeing the success of all our students.


The high school is broken up into 2 phases. First one being the Senior phase which is grade 8-9 and then when we have the FET phase which is grade 10-12…


Foundation Phase (crèche – grade 3)

Intermediate Phase (grade 4 – 7),

High school (grade 8-12)


We offer our learners a range of activities outside the classroom that seek to broaden their understanding and view of the world, and to encourage skills and talents as part of holistic approach to education…

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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they are passionate about and dare to lead it.